Max Blardone

"So much stronger after using the system.  Small and portable too, thank you."

- Max Blardone, 4th World Cup Giant Slalom


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Eric Carleton

"Altitudetech's equipment has helped me prepared for some of the biggest events on my calendar.  I'm getting 3-5% performance increases easily ."

- Eric Carleton, National Relay Champion Cross Country


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Andreas Svanebo

"Both the generator and the Travelmate system works perfectly in the laboratory and in the field.  Thanks for helping me prepare for European Winter Triathlon Championships."

- Andreas Svanebo, ETU European Winter Triathlon Silver Medalist


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Jason Freeland

" I frequently go up to altitude to do skiing.  The first few days are usually pretty hard as I struggle to acclimate to the altitude.  After using the system for a few weeks,  the first day on the mountain was a breeze.  It's a small investment to make to ensure the whole trip is enjoyable and safe."

- Jason Freeland



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