Gregory Billington

Gregory Billington

- US National Junior Champion,

- Canadian National Junior Champion

- National XC Champion

- 1500m + 3000m Champion DoDDS European Championships


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Tyler Lord

"Altitudetech's altitude tent has helped me achieve the goals that I thought were imposssilbe.  An incredible piece of equipment  thanks!"

-Tyler Lord, Professional Triathelete, Certified Personal Trainer


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Scott Seamster

"My VO2 max went from 77 to 81 and my oxygen binding capacity has increased.  That's a huge increase after using the system for 3 weeks!"

- Scott Seamster, Professional Triathlete


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Dr. Scott Curry

"Let the red blood cells multiply! Thanks!"

- Dr. Scott Curry, Professional Triathlete, Canadian Long Course Champion


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Sean Bechtel

"Just ran a 16:05 5k off of very little speed training, just base. I'm feeling pretty strong.  My symptoms of asthma has also decreased with the use of the tent."

- Sean Bechtel, Professional Triathlete, Muskoka Chase Champion


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Nicolas Hemet

"I usually go to L'Alpe d'Huez to sleep high before big events but that is over 800km away from my job and family.  Altitudetech's altitude simulation system has acclerated my progress and allowed me to get altitude training right at home.  I recently did 8:47 at Ironman Roth in my rookie year!  Merci beaucoup!"

- Nicolas Hemet, Professional Triathlete, France


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Kalen Darling

CDA Triathlon Champion 2010

United States U23 National Champion in 2010

Canadian U23 National Champion


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Petr Bures

"I recover much faster now and am seeing improvements in all my sports."

- Petr Bures, Professional Triathlete, Czech Republic


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Nicole van Beurden

"My asthma has improved dramatically after sleeping in the system.  I get much less attacks and my symptoms have almost disappeared."

- Nicole van Beurden, Professional Triathlete, Inside Triathlon "All American" List


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Wolfgang Guembel

"I'm already at my race weight this early in the season due to sleeping in the system."

- Wolfgang Guembel, Professional Triathlete, 2nd Muskoka Chase


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