Joseph Gray

"I'm starting to feel the benefits after only a few weeks.  I did 12 x 1km repeats yesterday with hills and wind and managed to do them all between 2:55 and 2:56.  Today, I didn't even feel like I ran!"

- Joseph Gray, Canadian Mountain Running Champion


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Jeff Eggleston

"After a few weeks of using your system, I was already beginning to feel the positive effects of sleeping high.  I experienced rapid improvements in workouts and set several personal bests.  Most recently, I lowered my half-marathon best by one minute.  The Altitudetech altitude tent system has definitely played a vital role in my long term development.  I am able to do more consistent quality running and regenerate between sessions more quickly than before.  Physiologically, my hematocrit has improved by 4 points.  It's clear your system is a great supplement for training and racing, thank you!"

- Jeff Eggleston, 1:03:58 Half-Marathon, 29:36 10K, New England Runner's 2008 Runner of the Year



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Colleen Newhart

- Colleen Newhart, 4:19.12 1500m PB



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Cody Angell

" I bought an Altitudetech system and wanted to follow up with you.  I recently won the Sarasota Half Marathon.  It was the first time I won a half marathon.  I battled hard with another guy for 11 miles, but at the end I just had more in the tank than my competitor!  The Altiutdetech system has provided me an undeniable advantage.  Last year I ran the same race in 1:18 and this year I took over 6 mins off! 

Frequent blood testing has revealed that my hematocrit levels have gone up as well.  I'm excited to know that this is only the tip of the iceberg.  Furthermore, I work in customer service for a living and the service provided to me by Altitudetech is second to none. 

I sure hope my comptetitors don't find you guys! ( I'm sure you hope they do!)"

- Cody Angell




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Chuck Engle

" Altitudetech has helped me achieve my goal of  50 plus sub 3 hour marathons in a span of 1 year!  Their technology and expertise goes far beyond just equipment, couldn't have done it without them! Thanks!"

- Chuck Engle, Marathon Junkie


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Justin Landry

" There is no greater advantage out there to losing weight and improving your athletic performance than by altitude training. Combined with healthy eating and excercise, altitude training rapidly helps you to lose weight and drastically improve your overall cardiovascular performance. From cycling in Altitudetech's altitude chamber to actually burning double the calories while I slept in their altitude tent, I was sold immeadiatly on the obvious advantages of training at 9000ft. and beyond - without ever having to leave my home in Toronto! 

If you need any more proof of Altitudetech's effectiveness in helping you to loose weight and improve your athletic performance, look no further than my results for the 2005 Niagara Falls half-marathon - I beat my last year's time by over 20 minutes! An accomplishment that I am proud to share with Altitudetech! Thanks guys! " 

- Justin Landry, Actor


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Jerry Vondruska

"Saw some pretty impressive endurance benefits when using the system.  Helped me out big time with the ultra last weekend, thanks."

- Jerry Vondruska, Badwater Ultrarunner


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