Pre-acclimatizing before a trip to any mountain will provide a more enjoyable and safer experience. 

Altitudetech's equipment will allow any climber to do this with ease in their own home and at their own pace and schedule.  There is no need now to go to base camp to acclimate for 4 weeks when you can stay at home, work from home, eat and sleep and carry on everyday living while at the same time using Altitudetech's equipment to get your body ready for the thin air ahead.

There are 3 proven modalities that you can choose to pre-acclimate with:

1)  Sleeping- usually done with tent but can be done with sleep hood or sleep mask

2)  Exercising-  usually done on treadmill or spin bike or elliptical but any form or cardio or even weights with the mask on will help.

3) Passive training-  easily done watching tv, reading a book or catching a nap with a mask on.

Many people have high hopes of climbing Kilimanjaro in Africa but fail to realize that at sea level there is 20.9% oxygen but at the top of Kili there is only 9.5%!   This means that the body is stressed and asked to do exercise in low oxygen can lead to headache and nausea or worse, HACE or HAPE.

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Ultimate Kilimanjaro

Here are some good studies showing the positive acclimation effects of altitude tents.