Ayesha Rollinson

 " To outperform my competition I need to find that advantage. All elite athletes train hard. Altitudetech's partners and product put me on top by providing expert advice, top of the line equipment and efficient recovery. Integrating an at-home altitude system into a heavy training program is not easy, but Altitudetech has been there every step of the way - Advising on altitude methodologies and protocols, reviewing my blood work and providing nutritional guidance. Their design is superior because it is quiet, clean, compact, easy to use and easy to transport. Best of all because of its excellent engineering it provides 3 altitude options - sleeping chamber, IAT and exercise adaptor. I have used other hypoxicators with inferior designs that left me noticeably dehydrated.

Altitudetech’s unique humidifier eliminates the drying effect of an IAT session. As I said, all elite athletes train hard, but I know that I can train harder and recover faster because my hemoglobin and hematocrit have increased over 2% and 5% respectively after 1 year of use. As well, my resting pulse rate has decrease by 10 bpm. The expertise, engineering and physiological benefits provided by Altitudetech’s 3-in-1 system finds me at a huge advantage I need as an elite athlete.
A key factor for busy people is the time-savings provided by the 3-in-1 system. In 2006 I was working part time and racing full-time on Canada's National Team. I did not have the luxury of leaving my job for months at a time to train at altitude. With Altitudetech help I was able to use my holiday time for races and save money by reaping the physiological benefits of altitude in the comfort of my own bed and my own couch. The IAT adaptor allowed me go to extreme altitudes safely, in my own home, while catching up on work or reading. The exercise adapter allowed me to use the cold Canadian winter to my advantage - I got the cellular benefits of altitude while doing rides on my trainer. For me, Altitudetech is about value, quality engineering, expert advice and efficiency. Altitudetech is that advantage I need over my competition."

- Ayesha Rollinson, Professional Triathlete, Canadian National Elite Triathlon Team, Junior National Triathlon Champion