Justin Landry

" There is no greater advantage out there to losing weight and improving your athletic performance than by altitude training. Combined with healthy eating and excercise, altitude training rapidly helps you to lose weight and drastically improve your overall cardiovascular performance. From cycling in Altitudetech's altitude chamber to actually burning double the calories while I slept in their altitude tent, I was sold immeadiatly on the obvious advantages of training at 9000ft. and beyond - without ever having to leave my home in Toronto! 

If you need any more proof of Altitudetech's effectiveness in helping you to loose weight and improve your athletic performance, look no further than my results for the 2005 Niagara Falls half-marathon - I beat my last year's time by over 20 minutes! An accomplishment that I am proud to share with Altitudetech! Thanks guys! " 

- Justin Landry, Actor