Louis Olivier Petelle

" I've been using the Travelmate IHT system as well as the Altitude tent in preparation for my solo Aconcagua ascent in Feb 2011.  I am far from being a high end endurance athlete but I am in good "average mountain climber shape".  I did 1 month of altitude training with the Travelmate and 3 weeks of sleeping at high altitude with the tent before leaving.  I know this preparation helped me quite a bit in my acclimatization process and it certianly helped to prevent AMS up there.  I felt very strong and got a good steady efficient pace that lead me to the summit!  I think you guys have a great product and service.  I have now integrated sleeping at altitude in my regular daily routine and I am doing IHT right now in preparation for my next climb.  My resting heart rate is now even lower than before.  Thank you Altitudetech for your help and for rushing shipping when I need it!

Louis Olivier Petellle