Marty Smits

"The Altitudetech chamber  is a hit with all of our clients.  They can't believe how fast their body changes in such a short time.  Thanks."

- Marty Smits, Celebrity Trainer, NSCA CPT


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Chris Smits

"I got ripped after only a week of sleeping in the system.  Absolutely unbelievable!  Thank you!"

- Chris Smits, Celebrity Trainer, NSCA CPT


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Louis Barton

"Since starting the altitude training to prepare for my radiation treatment, I can honestly say I feel SO much better.  My stamina and and energy level have all increased, I have been doing my regular walks and I'm not tired when I'm done.  I'm sleeping so much better and wake up feeling really rested.  I recoverd very fast from the treatment, a big thank you!"

- Louis Barton


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Abdul Abbas

"I'm a recreational athlete who was looking at getting back into shape.  The mask based system that I used definitely helped gain more fitness in a shorter time than not using this technology.  My power and endurance on the ergometer improved while using the system."

-Abdul Abbas


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Steve Masters

"It was so easy to setup the tent and with the altimeter, I could control the altitude perfectly.   10 500ft was pretty easy to achieve right in my bedroom without having to go to the moutains.  Perfect!"

-Steve Masters


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