Q.  What methods of usage are available through Altitudetech?

A. Relying on years of experience of working with the world's best athletes and scientists, we have developed our equipment to be able to deliver ALL modalities that have been scientifically shown to enhance performance.  The three modalities that we find work best and fits easily into any athlete's life are: 1) sleeping  2) exercising 3) passive intermittent altitude training.  For sleeping our tents are very popular but so are the sleeping masks and the sleeping hood.  For exercising, Altitudetech has developed the most comfortable and effective exercising mask circuit that prevents any damage to the lungs and breathing passages due to extremely dry air.  For passive altitude training, our generators are developed to go to extremely high altitudes so that the effects can be noticed.


Q.  Which method of training is the most effective?

A.  What we usually say to clients is to pick one method that you can ensure that you do the most consistent.  This means for most athletes sleeping in the system via altitude tent or mask or hood, just because everyone has to sleep at night.  This seems to fit the easiest into people's lives. 


Q.  Sleeping in an altitude tent is just not an option for me, what can I do?

A.  We have many scientific studies that show that just exercising with a mask on for a short time everyday, that in 9 days, you could get up to 7% increase in VO2max.  This number is staggering but so are the responses from athletes who choose to use this method  exclusively because the option of sleeping with any altitude system was not possible.  Passive simulated altitude training while reading, working on the computer or watching tv for an hour a night is also very effective in boosting performance and health whether via a generator or our portable Travelmate system.

Q.  I've heard conflicting information about "non-responders" and people who have not responded to altitude training.

A.  Having the equipment to simulate altitude is only 1 part of the equation to producing a positive effect in performance and health.  Knowing how to use the equipment and providing that invaluable knowledge about diet and training protocols is where Altitudetech rises to the top.  This guidance and training support is provided with every Altitudetech altitude simulation system.  Believe us when we say it, if you breath oxygen to live, you will respond in our system if you follow our protocols and advice.


Q.  How high will my blood values get?

A.  We have seen hematocrit levels from our athletes go to 52% and hemaglobin to over 17!  Although this is an indicator that something positive is happening, don't get too hung up on blood values as we get many many athletes that see huge improvements in performance with no increase in hematocrit or hemaglobin. 


Q.  My blood values went down when I used the altitude system!

A.  As stated previously blood values fluctuate day to day and are tremendously influenced by many many factors.  One of our clients summed it up perfectly: "I was amazed at how much SLEEP/REST helps with hematocrit and hemaglobin levels and how much stress and lack of rest and high intensity training lowers them.  Combine interval work, with life stress and a lack of rest and my H&H levels drop like a rock.  Moderate interval work, lots of rest and daily use of your altitude tent and exercising and passive system to high altitudes and i can keep may H&H levels up around 15 and 48 which are high for me due to my lymphoma.  THANK YOU!"

From our experience, using our altitude simulation system will provide higher blood values across the board compared to if you didn't use our system.  Tour de france riders sometimes loose up to 10% of their hemaglobin because of the stress and racing that they do but after the tour  they are the fittest they are all year, so just because blood levels start declining, don't stress, give us a call, we'll help you figure it out.


Q.  We have a really large bed and would like to have an extra large cubicle, is this  possible?

A.  Absolutely, infact we build all of our cubicles to custom dimensions.  You give us the length, width, and height of the box you want and the style of doors (zipper or real doors) and we will build it for you. 


Q.  Do you have any air conditiong units for your sleeping systems?

A.  Yes we do.  Other alternatives that work very well is our clipon fan that circulates air around the inside of the tent, and our 2X systems that don't require cooling because of the increase airflow.  In addition, we have our altitude cooler that will cool the air coming out of our generators with just some ice and water.