Peter Oyler

 Altitudetech’s equipment is the best it gets!   I’ve always had exercise induced asthma and since I’ve been using their system, it’s completely cured!  My breathing is WAY better and I can keep pedaling for hours.   I’m confident that without the use of their system that my journey and my fitness for Race Across America would have been optimal."


- Peter Olyer, RAAM finisher





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Cheula Gianpaolo

" The Travelmate system is very portable, I can bring it with me to any race or training camp and the benefits are obvious.  Spending only 1 hour a day, I've seen some great improvements."

-Cheula Gianpaolo,  Team Barloworld Professional Cycling


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Stefano Rosati

" Easy to use on the trainer and raised all of my blood values.  I could see an immediate difference on my powermeter.  Thank you to Altitudetech!"

- Stefano Rosati, Italian National Time Trial Champion Individual and Team





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Cliff Mountain

" Put me down as a satisfied user.   I suffered no ill effects at altitude coming from sea-level to 10 000ft of Colorado Springs to over 12 000ft of Independence Pass and Trail Ridge Road.  I was able to sleep well and recover daily for the next day's adventure. "

Thank you again, Cliff Mountain.



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James Escobar

"  The Altitudetech Cloud 9 Full sleep mask that I have been using is really comfortable and allows me to get the altitude training in without disturbing my wife.  Brilliant product thanks."

- James Escobar, Cyclist




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Jeff Meyer

" I'm a 38 year old,  Pro/Elite Road and Mountain Bike rider.  I was struck from behind by a truck while training, my heart stopped twice before I was revived.  I stayed in a coma for 2 months, followed by 2 months of not walking and 6 months till I could ride again.

Altitudetech helped me regain my level of fitness to be competitive again. I am able to compete on an Elite level after using and training with their advanced altitude simulation system.  I finished in 15th place in my  first Pro-1 100mile road race back, only 8 months after my accident.  The altitude simulation improved my Hemoglobin by over 13%.  Thanks for everything!"

-Jeff Meyer, Pro Cyclist

3rd Place Sea Otter


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Josh Bartlett

" Great system, great service, great price, THANKS ! "

- Josh Bartlett, Land Rover - Orbea Professional Cycling Team



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Jeff Buck

"  Had multiple shipping companies break the system that I purchased but the customer support was phenomenal at Altitudetech.  They promptly answered all my emails regarding my altitude tent, altitude training and how to use the system, I can't thank them enough.  

After 3 months of using the system, the benefits were really starting to show, I won a 20m TT and I felt like I was flying.  In addition, I have been able to maintain my body weight of 150 without dieting and my fat percentage of 6%!  Thanks for a great product and customer support !  "

-Jeff Buck




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Pete Mcilquham

"Not only did my cycling get faster, but my hocky game improved 100%.  I was able to do double shifts and skate circles around the other players.  The recovery was fantastic after using the system for a few weeks"

-Pete Mcilquham, RN



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Dorene Huebel

" After using Altitudetech's altitude system for a couple of months, my endurance on the bike increased dramatically, I was less out of breath and felt much stronger.  The weightloss was an added bonus.  Thank you!"

-Dorene Huebel



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