Phil Southerland

"To be competive as a professional cyclist with Type 1 diabetis, I have to really control my blood sugar levels.  After using Altitudetech's altitude simulation system, I recorded  a whooping 30% reduction in my insulin usage. Thank you!"

- Phil Southerland, Team Type 1 Cycling Founder


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Michael Smith Larsen

" How do I feel?  INCREDIBLE! There was no problems getting it to Denmark.  Thanks for the great service and system! "

- Michael Smith Larsen, Team Blue Water Professional Cycling Team


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Brian Buchholz

" Fantastic system at a great price, thank you!"

- Brian Buchholz, Kelly Benefit Strategies-Medifast Professional Cycling Team


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Justin Spinelli

"What a great system and company.  Thanks for all the support.  My performance and wattages increased significantly and I would recommend this altitude tent system to any of my clients."

- Justin Spinelli, Professional Cyclist, Team Seaco, US National Team Member


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Alejandro Borrajo

"Who would believe that using the system only 1 hour a day would be so beneficial? Thanks Altitudetech."

- Alejandro Borrajo, Colavita/Sutter Homes Professional Cycling Team


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Anibal Barrajo

"Perfect system, so portable and great performance increases."

-Anibal Barrajo, Colavita/Sutter Homes Professional Cycling Team


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Adam Craig



-Adam Craig, US Olympic Team Member, US Cross Country Champion, US Super D Champion, NORBA Champion



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Davide Frattinni

"I have used the Portable Travelmate system now for a few years and I really notice the gains it provides with my training and racing.  Plus, it is so portable that I can bring it with me practically anywhere I go!"

-Davide Frattinni, Colavita/Sutter Home Professional Cycling Team


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Jeff Wright

"I have been it the tent for 5 or 6 weeks now. I will have to say that I am seeing a great difference. I am finding that when I am doing a Zone 4 interval at 195 bpm, that I have no problem controlling my breathing and taking long slow deep breaths. Also I won my first event for 2009 which was a 9.3 mile time trial.  More power, more speed, more endurance, what more can I say? Incredible product at a great price! Thank you!"

-Jeff Wright, Cyclist


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Dr. Mike West

"The improvement in my fitness over the past year is outstanding. Altitudetech utilizes an individualized, systematic approach to developing fitness that is based on the scientific principles of cell biology and human kinetics. They have dispensed with tradition and sports dogma, enabling them to create programs that optimize the effects of training. Whether you are an amateur or professional athlete, Altitudetech will help you achieve your personal athletic potential."

-Dr. Mike West, Ontario Provincial Time Trial Silver Medalist


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