Davey Comeyne

"So simple yet so effective.  I had a stellar cyclo-cross season because of your system."

- Davey Comeyne, Belgium National Champion


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Cameron Cogburn

" In addition to helping me race at altitude, Altitudetech's altitude tent system has helped me burn fat more efficiently, allowing me to save my matches for later, critical parts of the race.  Thank you for a great product!"

-Cameron Cogburn, Jelly Belly presented by Kenda Professional Cycling Team


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Keld Fjord

World Master Champion Denmark

- Keld Fjord


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Dr. Elmer Colyer


"Normal EPO levels are 4-16.  This time my EPO was 19, nearly double!!  With my Retic count at 40, up from 25, a 60% increase, I guess it is pretty clear how much the altitude tent is helping me. I passed another milestone on Sunday: 28mph for a 30k TT.  Thank you for everything!"

- Dr. Elmer Colyer, Master National TT Champion



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Kyle Torres

"He just got back from the regional camp in Colorado Springs and had a great performance.  From that and based on several other results through this season, he was one of 6, 15/16 year olds chosen to go to Europe for three weeks in August to train and race.  We definitely think the tent gave him a little edge getting ready for his races this year.  Thanks."

- Kyle Torres, 2 x State Champion


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Roman Kilun

" The best tent going.  Ergonomic, spacious and easy to set up."

- Roman Kilun, Ouch presented by Maxxis Professional Cycling Team


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John Murphy

"I did a bit of playing around with an altitude tent last year and decided that this year I was gonna take it to another level with this new setup from Altitudetech.  This equipment blows everything else away.  I can fit a king size mattress inside and the compressor is quite quiet and pleasant sounding.  It gets up to 8500 ft in about an hour and I actually sleep like a baby inside."

- John Murphy, Ouch presented by Maxxis Professional Cycling Team,  US PRO Criterium Champion, Tour of Taiwan Champion




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Daniele DeFranceschi

" I think I'm responding well to your altitude tent system.  I'm talking when riding 300 watts and climbing has improved a ton.  Guys on the team are stunned with my riding!"  Thanks for all your help!"

-Daniele DeFranceschi- Jetfuel Professional Cycling Team, 6x National Track Champion


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Chris Hong

" Wow!  The altitude tent system was great!  I felt much better, especially during races at altitude compared to last year.  Thanks for the continued support! "

- Chris Hong, Team Bob's-Bicycles.com, 2nd Mt.  Washington Hillclimb


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Jai Crawford

" Having the Altitudetech Travelmate with me at races is my secret weapon.  It allows me to acclimate to races at altitude and improves my sea-level performance with a piece of equipment that is only a couple of pounds. Thanks!"

- Jai Crawford, Trek Marco Polo Professional Cycling Team, 2nd GC, Tour de Langkawi 2HC, 2009


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