Rahsaan Bahati

" Since using Altitudetech's altitude simulation product, I've won the US National Criterium Championships again, enough said."

-Rahsaan Bahati, Rock Racking Professional Cycling Team, 2x National Criterium Champion


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Jurgen Van de Walle

"  Altitudetech's system has definitely helped me improve as a professional cyclist.  I wouldn't be doing the Tour de France without it!"

-Jurgen Van de Walle, Quick Step Professional Cycling Team, Tour de France Cyclist



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Bruno Langlois

Team Planet Energy 2009

Team Spidertech 2010-2011

Team Garneu-Quebecor-Norton Roses 2012

National Team since 1998


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Tomasz Marczynsk

Team CCC Polsat Polkowice- POLAND

Polish National ROAD and TT Champion


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Luke Keough

"Incredible performance benefits and amazing customer service and knowledge.  Thank you!"

- Luke Keough, US National Champion


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Robert Ralph

Robert Ralph - CUCC Crit Champion, 3rd Beauharnois Crit, 5th GC Charlevoix GP, 7th Provincial TT, 10th Provincial RR Championships


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Alaina Gurski

2x TT State Champion

Bronze National TT Champion

Alaina Gurski - Cawes Professional Cycling Team



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Michael Mathis

" Great system , thank you!"

Michael Mathis- Ride Clean p/b Patentit cycling team , 2nd Valley of the Sun



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Eric Riggs

" Thanks for an awesome system and service! You blew the competition away!" 

Eric Riggs- US National Team Member


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Karl Hoppner

Karl Hoppner

EMD Serono- Specialized CC, Canadian Cyclocross Team


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