Dr. Michal Bardecki

"Using the Altitudetech sleep and exercise system 2 months prior to our departure to Aconcagua 22,829ft/6,962m), prevented any symptoms associated with altitude sickness. At 4400m, our guide didn't believe that our oxygen saturations were still 99%! Thank you!"

- Dr. Michal Bardecki


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Fausto Vinces

"Things are going great in Peru, 3 climbers went from Lima which is at 0 meters to the Summit of Ishinca which is at 5600 m in 4 days, unbelievable!  Pre-acclimation using your system is working really well."

- Fausto Vinces


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Keith Morgan

"Thanks again for helping me summit Longs Peak (14 259ft) with no altitude sickness whatsoever. On previous ascents to 14 000ft I have suffered from headache and nausea. On this trip I was able to fly from sea level on Friday afternoon, drink gallons of Vodka and Redbull and then head out to our base camp at 10 000ft on Saturday night.  We started our summit attempt at 0430h on Sunday morning summiting at about 1130h.  The three guys I was hiking with all live in the Denver area and are acclimatized to about 5-6 000ft.  I had no trouble keeping pace at all and in fact could of went a lot harder.  I didn't tell them about the tent until after the climb, they were blown away at how strong I was. I would recommend this type of training for anybody who lives at sea level and plans on doing anything strenuous at high altitudes. 

Other positive effects that I noticed was that my pulse dropped about 10 points from around 60 to around 50, I also experienced an increase in the number of reps i could perform at any given weight when I was at the gym. If you are experiencing a stale period in your gym workouts this might help you put some added power and fun back in your workout. I also notice that when  I was running I was more interested in increasing my intensity and that when I stopped running my breathing normalized very quickly. I plan on using a tent again to prepare for my  Kilimanjaro climb."

- Keith Morgan, RN


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Melissa Greenberg

"There is no way I would have made it to the top of Kili without the help of Altitudetech.  Their equipment, and customer service was top notch.   I would recommend this pre-acclimation for EVERYONE doing any climbing, it is a matter of safety.  Thanks for getting me back in one piece!"

- Melissa Greenberg


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Leslie Myles

" Altitudetech allowed me to acclimate and get use to 12 500ft right while I was sleeping in my own home.  This made a difference as I got to the higher slopes of Kili, thank you! "

Leslie Myles - "Kili Climb for Kids"


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Emile Levisetti

"Just got back 2 nights ago.  had a great time.  Summitted Kili on New Year's Eve Day at 7:45am. Everything went really well.  Didn't get sick, had lots of energy.  Did take Diamox on the last 24 hrs of the climb on the recommendation of the guide.  That was our night at 18500ft, so I have no shame about that at all.  
Thank you to Altitudetech for getting me to the top of Kilimanjaro on Dec. 31, 2005!!
I couldn't have done it without your help!!"


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Dr. Karen Yeates

"Thank you to Altitudetech for providing a great product.  There was almost no symptoms of altitude sickness on our climb to Kili."

-Dr. Karen Yeates


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Garry Norris

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