Peter Ford

"Thank you for helping me prepare for my Everest expedition.  Your knowledge and equipment was very helpful!"

-Peter Ford


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Werner Berger

"Training with Altitudetech's system helped me get to the top of the world at 69 years old.  Plain and simple, it did more than just prepare me for the world's tallest peak, it helped me get there faster, stronger and safer.  Couldn't have done without it!"

- Werner Berger, Age 69, Oldest North American to Summit Everest


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Garret Madison

“I definitely felt the benefits of using Altitudetech’s portable Altitude chamber as a training tool to aid in my endurance activities.  I believe the system would benefit any climber going to high altitude if used beforehand and in the proper manner, possibly eliminating time spent acclimatizing during the approach or while at base camp on long expeditions.”


- Garret Madison, Expedition Manager, Alpine Ascents International




2 ascents of Mt. Everest, (2006 and 2009)
136 ascents of Mt. Rainier
3 expeditions to Denali
5 expeditions to Aconcagua


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Louis Olivier Petelle

" I've been using the Travelmate IHT system as well as the Altitude tent in preparation for my solo Aconcagua ascent in Feb 2011.  I am far from being a high end endurance athlete but I am in good "average mountain climber shape".  I did 1 month of altitude training with the Travelmate and 3 weeks of sleeping at high altitude with the tent before leaving.  I know this preparation helped me quite a bit in my acclimatization process and it certianly helped to prevent AMS up there.  I felt very strong and got a good steady efficient pace that lead me to the summit!  I think you guys have a great product and service.  I have now integrated sleeping at altitude in my regular daily routine and I am doing IHT right now in preparation for my next climb.  My resting heart rate is now even lower than before.  Thank you Altitudetech for your help and for rushing shipping when I need it!

Louis Olivier Petellle



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Dr. TA Loeffler

"I led a team to Kilimanjaro in January, we got all 10 of us to the summit.  After using your equipment to pre-acclimate, I can say for certain that we had an edge.  All of our saturations were higher throughout the climb.  Thanks!"

- Dr. TA Loeffler, "Seven Summits" climber


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Claude Boisoven

"I got back on June 18th from Everest.  I did very well.  I left Base camp at 05H30 in the morning and was at Camp I at 10H15 and at Camp II at 14H30, one hour before my climbing sherpa!   Then I went to Tibet, India and Tanzania where I climbed Kilimanjaro up and down in 2 days!  Your system prepared me for all of this.  Thank you!"

- Claude Boisoven


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Matthew Hood

"Just summited Kili, thanks Altitudetech, couldn't have done it without you. Great price\, knowledge and service! "

-Matthew Hood


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Saad Naseer

"I had no symptoms till 20 000ft on my last climb after using Altitudetech's system.  I'm VERY confident that I'll be able to do Everest in 4 weeks compared to the regular 8 with this technology and your equipment.  THANKS!"

- Saad Naseer, Summitted every mountain in USA, Kili, Aconcagua, McKinley


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Phill Michael

"I had a Medtronic Freestyle aortic valve implanted a few years ago and I appreciate the technology and science.  Altitudetech definitely has the technology and knowledge to pre-acclimate any climber to altitude right at home thus keeping them safe from HACE and HAPE."

-  Phill Michael, Seven Summits Climber Expedition Leader



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Rob Meijer

" I stood ontop of Mount Everest May 20th 2011, thanks for helping me prepare for the journey of a lifetime.   Couldn't have done it without the altitude tent and without your support and knowledge!"

Rob Meijer - Netherlands



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