Matt Schwert

" I can emphatically tell you we would not have made it without the Altitudetech equipment.  This summer we climbed Pikes Peak and my wife really struggled so that's what prompted our renting the equipment.  We both made it with minimal side effects.  I never experienced the headaches or nausea that other people did.  Also the owner was very accommodating with my questions and very prompt with replies.  I would strongly recommend them!  THANK YOU ALITUDETECH! "

- Matt Schwert


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Ron Krevat

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU.  I have completed my time on the mountain and made it as far as 15, 000ft/ 4,600 meters but my knees prevented me from going further.

As far as altitude pre-acclimatization, however, I had no problems at all.  As our group reached the 4,600 meter point, others in the group were suffering from headaches, dizziness, nausea and vomiting.  However, I suffered none of this, and felt great at 4,600 meters.  I would have loved to have continued but my knees just weren't working properly!

So, I would have to say that using yoru system was a success, and I am glad that I spent the time and effort to avail myself to your product and service.  THANK YOU for keeping me comfortable on the mountain while everyone else was throwing up!

Please find below a picture of me at 4,600 meters at the Lava Tower on Kili!  




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Elaine Sorem

 Hi!  Just thought I'd share my accomplishment!  It was hard work but I didn't have ANY signs of AMS- no nausea, headache, tachycardia, etc!.  Unfortunately my daughter got quite sick with fever of 101 and ended up with a mild case of HAPE so she didn't make it.  She didn't do any pre-acclimation for the climb and wish she did.   I'm sure the tent contributed to my readiness.  THANKS AGAIN!  

-Elaine Sorem



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Chris Mascarinas

The climb was great and the pre-acclimation with the Altitudetech simulation equipment definitely helped.  My wife and I basically had no symptoms of altitude sickness until 15 000ft.  Our Guides were very surprised.  We summited on a particularly bad day because it was blizzard like conditions on the way up but we still made it!  Only 7 people out of 100 made it to the top that day according to the park rangers at the bottom.  Thank you for the help and the equipment.

- Chris Mascarinas


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Chris Phillips

Thank you Altitudetech for helping with my pre-acclimation for my climb on Kilimanjaro.  I wanted to let you know that I felt well the whole way up.  Most importantly I had a full appetite the whole time which was key to my summiting.  Thank you for your support along the way.  Would recommend this to anyone going for it!

- Chris Phillips, Singapore


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Donovan Family

Thank you Altitudetech for helping with our pre-acclimation program and equipment.  All of our family got to the top of Kilimanjaro safely.

Allan Donovan B.C. Canada



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Scott Kress

"I recently used the AltitudeTech training system in preparation for my climb of Mount Elbrus in Russia. I have now climbed 6 of the 7 summits. The AltitudeTech system helped my pre-acclimatize for the trip and made the on mountain experience easier and more enjoyable. I had no altitude issues and my blood oxygen levels remained high throughout the climb. "

Scott Kress

Summit Training and Frontier Buidling

51st Canadian to Summit Everest


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Dr. Carl Lee

" I am quite certain that the passive and active use of your altitude simulation equipment made a tremendous difference.   Where can you exercise at 20 000ft in your own home ?  Only with your equipment!   I am confident that your equipment increased the safety margin as well as the ease of the climb to the summit as other climbers suffered from altitude sickness.  I hope you remember us with this summit photo! "

- Dr. Carl Lee



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Liana Cassel

View through the clouds at 15 000ft to Kili!


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Thomas Cetta

Thank you  Altitudetech for helping me prepare for my Kilimanjaro climb.  I am confident that the two month acclimation program I used with your equipment while I lived at sea- level was essential in allowing me to summit safely and sleep on the crater rim without any incidence of altitude sickness.  The equipment and instructions were professional and clear and I would recommend your service for any future high altitude climb.

-Thomas Cetta



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