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"In over a quarter of century of coaching endurance athletes, I have realized that there is nothing quite like consistent daily honest training. With busy clients and elite athletes who do not always have the benefit or desire to live at high altitude, the benefits of an altitude tent has been monumental. My athletes can now choose where they want/need to live, and when they should be benefiting from altitude training.

The team at Altitudetech have helped my athletes and myself better understand altitude training and how to maximize the benefits with their world-class system. When it comes to price, service, understanding athletes, and most importantly results, Altitudetech has been a key ingredient in my already great athlete’s performance improvements. Nothing will replace old- fashion hard work, but when you are already training hard, you have to find a way to train smarter, and living at high altitude in your own house / bedroom is the smartest decision my elite team made."

Barrie Shepley
Hall of Fame Triathlon Coach
Sydney Olympic Head Triathlon Coach
Personal Coach to over 100
Provincial/National and International Jr, Elite,
Age Group Medalists

Latest News

Congratulations to Kristin Armstrong for defending her Olympic gold medal in the individual time trial London 2012.  She is now a 2x Olympic champion, Beijing 2008 and London 2012!

Dylan Wykes qualifies for London 2012 Olympics with at blistering 2:10:47 Marathon at Rotterdam.  Congratulations Dylan!

Jack Van Dorp wins at Aspen Power of Four Ski Mountaineering Race coming from sea-level with the help with Altitudetech's system.

Derrick Spafford of Spafford Health and Wellness comes 2nd at the Yukon Arctic Ultra 100 mile race in 23hr 15 min, smashing the 24 hour mark!  Way to go Derrick!

Rob Meijer from the Netherlands summits Mount Everest on May 20th after using Altitudetech's equipment to prepare!  Dream come true after years of preparation and training! Congratulations!

Steve Molitor joins Altitudetech team for upcoming fight!  Check out his video (4:30 in) on MTV Cribs here.

Todd Wells wins Cyclo-cross Nationals becoming the only person to hold 3 national titles in 1 year!

Dylan Wykes runs 2:12:39 and wins California International Marathon wire to wire!

Bjorn Leukemans of Vaconsoleil finishes 6th overall at the Hell of the North, Paris Roubaix!

Altitudetech athlete Ursula Grobler smashes the World Record Erg for 2000m with a blazing 6:54.7 for lightweight women.

Jonathan Page crushes competition at Gloucester Grand Prix by 1:37!

Altitudetech athlete Jonathan Page wins Rad Racing Grand Prix Cyclocross in Lakewood.

John Murphy wins 2009 US PRO Criterium Championships using Altitudetech's tent system.

TA Loeffler summits Mt. Elbrus and has this to say   

"For Elbrus, because of an injury, I wasn't able to train as hard as I usually would.  Having the altitude tech system allowed me to pre-acclimate and thereby keep up with my teammates.  We summited in the midst of a white-out and I was glad to have any edge I could."

Congratulations to Nick Sorensen for winning Stage 12 of the Tour de France

Altitudetech Athlete Adam Craig wins US National Short Track Championships


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